Misleading Headline

The Steel Soapbox Examination Time Part ‘Deux’

Last time I was here, I posted about a faked news site and how they were reporting misinformation. Now back with the same news site and a great example of misleading headline.

As you can see the headlines screams “FAKE HATE: Leftist Students Painted Swastika and “Trump” on Campus Church”. Prime example to show clearly that these fake news sites use sensationalized headlines to hook people in, does not matter it is faked headlines. The facts do not matter, it is getting you to click and share… that makes them money and you become a tool to use.


Let us examine this in more detail: this headline is part truth and part fantasy. It is true that “Students Painted Swastika and “Trump” on Campus Church” as we can see when one examines the original report from March 2016. Even in other sources that picked up this news speak of the damage and the evidence they did the actions. So that is not disputed.

What is in question is the damning part of the headline.. “FAKE HATE: Leftist.” Ah ha now we are gettign to the crux of the matter. The headline is to counter and discredit any harm that has come as a result of the election to those that are not in support of the future presidential leadership. Those three words, added to make sure this gets around the alt-right spherical domain to show the left is in cahoots against them. One only has to look at comments that follow this share on Facebook to see this in action.

The main issue is there is NO mention of the word Leftist or Jewish as one of the indicted students was called in any media, court record, etc. That is the biggie and where the LIE comes in to trick the reader.

This is really a good example to use on how one should properly write a story or research one. The method is called critical thinking, not taking what you see and sharing it but examining it and asking the hard questions. Main thing to do is proper research…..

Proper research means you look at other sources… done that

Proper research means you look at the reputation of the source … done that

Proper research means does your background information collected support or disqualify that headline… done that

Proper research means you question “what is the purpose of the headline?” “what is the intent?”…. done that

Now you can make an analysis based on logic…. The incident did occur. The boys were drunk and did write racist comments and motifs on the walls of a nondenominational chapel at the university. The boys have had a variety of charges issued against them including hate crime. That is the basic information. Nowhere is there a word regarding they are “leftist” liberal” or even Jewish. No one peep away from the alt right sites, conservative blogs, or fake news site …..

Now that we can conclude the whole headline was misleading, what else did we turn up… The father, Scott L. Kafker, is a judge appointed by Republican governor Charlie Baker. Does that mean we automatically assume the kids were pro-Republican???? NOPE… just like we cannot assume the kids were liberal because Northwestern University can be seen as a liberal institution. That is making assumptions and not thinking critically…

But one of them was Jewish right? NOPE… another fallacy made up because of a link to a Jewish news site that reported on the criminal activity, like a hundred other sites did. Again there was no mention of what religion or party they were afflicted with.

So what do we have: two drunk idiots who embarrassed their parents by spouting off racially charged words and symbols. Not sure why all the male genital was included but that was probably loads of alcohol speaking as well.

So the question is where they doing that to support Trump? Were they insulting Trump as well as minorities? Were they trying to cause trouble? We have no idea as they have not said. We can go with odds, not exact science but there is a good chance they got all worked up due to state of angst in society at that time. Then add in the drunken state and well that happens.

What did we learn… do not assume, look deeper. There is good and bad in all societies, cities, religion, cultures, etc… just the bad tend to be shown louder…

Oh and people really think about what you are sharing and stop giving outright lies a voice…

The Daily Northwestern http://dailynorthwestern.com/tag/matthew-kafker/

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Students Charged With Painting Swastikas, ‘Trump’ In Chapelhttp://www.thejewishweek.com/…/students-charged-painting-sw…

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Churchill’s Bust and Fake News

The Steel Soapbox Examination Time

This picture I have stamped false below, is a prime example of how false reporting is crafted to cause trouble and sway people. This is the same method use in pseudo archaeology and pseudoscience, carefully picked facts welded to lies in order to make a dramatic point to sway people.


The problem with fake news sites is that they continue to push false or cherry picked information that suits their purpose. Here is a good example of how a false news stories is spread throughout the net. Lack of fact checking allows these false rumors to spread.

This simply is the case of returning of a LOANED piece of art that ran a muck escalating to irrational claims. There are TWO busts of Winston Churchill that are the center of this discussion.

The first is a loan to George W. Bush administration in July 16, 2001 by then Prime Minister Tony Blair. Several news agencies made note the bust would be returned to the British people when Bush left office. Nothing shocking, straight up loan. The bust was owned by Britain and remains British property. That is the bust that upon Obama taking office that was legally returned to Britain. That is all..

The second bust that needs to be mentioned was given to Lyndon Johnson in Oct. 6, 1965 given to him by selection of friends comprised of diplomats and military officers. That piece sits in a prominent place outside the Treaty Room since being acquired. This piece is owned by the United States and was never in the Oval Office.

“It was the acceptance of the Jacob Epstein bust of Winston Churchill which is being presented to the White House by his wartime friends.” (by Lady Bird Johnson in A white House Diary page 327)

Got that so far… two busts.. one on loan from Britain (we shall call that the 2001 bust), one owned by the United States (we shall call that the 1965 bust). The 2001 bust was returned when the loan date had expired and was the only one ever in the Oval Office… is that so far clear.

For years a fallacy of Obama hating the British and rejecting the Churchill 2001 bust has remained a rallying point for alt right group. This fallacy continued to be echoed back and forth around social media. Remember those echo chambers I mentioned in an earlier posting, this is a good example of those echoing that keep repeating FALSE information.

In 2011 Huckabee claimed that Obama returned the bust as an insult because he disliked the British and thus western culture…..

“One thing that I do know is his having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, (is) very different than the average American,” and “The bust of Winston Churchill, a great insult to the British,” Huckabee said. “But then if you think about it, his perspective as growing up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather he probably grew up hearing that the British were a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather.” … (AP 2011)

Of course the entire accusation made is false, Obama was never raised in Kenya nor was the return an insult to British, and nor does he dislike the British people. That rhetoric is just a rallying tactic. Fake news to get people upset.

In 2012 Romney got into the frack by declaring he would return Winston Churchill to the oval office. However we do not know if Romney knew of the 1965 bust and was referring to it which never was in the Oval Office or the loaned 2001 bust since the distinction was not made clear. Yet considering the false story circulation and push by the right to make this a major issue, the odds that he was unaware of the 1965 bust and was referring to the 2001 loaned bust.

This falsehood of the bust continued. In 2015 we see the same misinformation continue

“One of the very first acts President Obama did upon being elected was sending Churchill’s bust back to the UK, and I think that foreshadowed everything that was to come the next six years.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), remarks at Iowa Freedom Summit, Jan. 24, 2015

That comment sounds bad, and it is supposed to sound bad. The truth, adding in the 2001 bust was on loan and therefore dated to be returned when Bush’s term ended the day Obama was sworn in, just does not have that same punch.

So what replaced the Churchill bust? Obama choose to put in a bust of Abraham Lincoln…an American. So where are all those flag waving patriotic souls that should be expounding on the fact the American President choose to have a famous American bust in the Oval Office. You would think that would be a plus factor not a condemnation issue.

Sadly when tensions mount, people, even those who should know better, are quick to jump the fence and not check. It also must be noted that the two busts, similar in appearance due to the fact they are copies, would be confusing. However since it is now known about the limited time duration of the loaned bust, these false stories should ceased, but instead they have intensified in 2016. Thus we can rationalize it is not the facts that is important here but the purpose to make soundless accusations to rally people to believe the false information and therefore sway their votes and alliances

This is one of the same tactics used to propel pseudo-archaeology or pseudo-science are used here, this echoing back and forth, the same words, and the same false information. Cherry picked facts that are carefully crafted to fit inside a covering of falsehoods, yet at the base there is still that small kernel of truth.. clever very clever indeed

The facts…..

#1– There were TWO busts of Churchill in the White House. Both are copies created by the artist Jacob Epstein.

#2– Bust ONE was on loan to George W. Bush administration in July 16, 2001 by then Prime Minister Tony Blair. Several news agencies made note the bust would be returned to the British people when Bush left office. Nothing shocking, straight up loan.

#3– When Obama came into office the loan was up and the bust returned. That 2001 bust resides at the British ambassador’s residence in Washington in 2011. That is all. That statue was never US property. It was a loan for a duration of time and when the time period was up, the bust was legally returned. Much like a museum display.

#4– Obama choose to display in the office the bust of Abraham Lincoln in the Oval Office.

#5– Bust TWO (1965) is part of the White House’s own art collection, thus owned by the United States. Not on loan. This bust was given to Lyndon Johnson in Oct. 6, 1965 by selection of friends comprised of diplomats and military officers. That piece sits in a prominent place outside the Treaty Room.

#6– The 1965 bust was NEVER in the oval office… only the 2001 bust on loan was. So to say the bust will be returned to the Oval Office with jubilant cries of victory either means that the US will take back what is not ours illegally.. not good at all. Or the 1965 bust will be moved to the Oval Office with Lincoln being removed in effect… hmm seems the American bust id more important.. jut saying


“FACT CHECK: Huckabee claims Obama grew up in Kenya” by Philip Elliott (Associated Press ) March 1, 2011 http://www.washingtonpost.com/…/…/03/01/AR2011030104385.html

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“Dear Boris Johnson: Our “Half-Kenyan” President Still Keeps A Churchill Bust In The White House. Ask David Cameron.” (No More Mister Nice Blog April 22, 2016) http://nomoremister.blogspot.com/…/dear-boris-johnson-our-h…

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The word for today’s soapbox is SCAM…. Technically the definition is a dishonest scheme, a fraud, or swindle …. both as a noun and verb. For this soapbox discussion let us think outside that scamming on the phone for money or selling the Brooklyn bridge routine we all encounter.

To start off, I will say these tactics I will show are along the same ones used in pseudoscience, the false memes, the outright lies, the use of fake “science” sites, the ignoring of facts the attempts to demoralize academia and the discretion of any mainstream research. As anyone writing a fable or musing with the over-take of a company, you learn quickly must destroy the opposition before you can lay a legitimate foundation, even if that foundation is based on lies. As long as the populace believes in those created lies the foundation will remain strong. However once cracked, that foundation will only be supported by two methods. The first being to ignore the cracks and whitewash them over with a thin cement. The other to outright denounce those in opposition as the ones causing the cracks. Check your history and see how many times that fits the bill.

So now back to the main word of the day SCAM…..

In that definition, if a “news” site is deliberating placing false stories, if a “person” is intentionally creating fake scandalous memes, both for the purpose of swaying an election and to make money, would you not call those acts a scam? Since the whole purpose of a scam is either to make money or to get something otherwise unobtainable, is these two examples given above, not a scam.

Is a scam helpful or hurtful? Traditionally we think of scams as being nefarious, done to fool the gullible and cheat people. Seems there would be an outcry with peel warning each other not to fall prey to these fake news sites or memes. However we have not seen that in this last election cycle. Instead we saw scams on an unfathomable level being passed around as if they were mana from heaven and the spoken word of God. And what has this scamming done, caused and election to be swayed, instill anger, and to humiliate any who are not of one side or the other. Is this what we as a people want: to believe in false news and memes based on lies?

Can the scam be seen as beneficial? In a way yes. If the scam was done for the betterment of society in order to correct an injustice that was done. Not for a small percentage of a society, but for the overwhelming majority. Here are two very simple straight forward examples: scamming a villain out of a weapon to save a city from meltdown. While the opposite would be to scam elderly people out of a section of the city so someone can built a new series of sky-rises that are not needed. One is to better the city to save the population, the other is to make short term money.

So in whose eyes is the scam okay? Well of course those who benefit from the scam. It is a part of human nature in which we tend to overlook bad behavior if it is advantageous to ourselves. For example you have a team whose member does some sketchy moves during a tough game. In the end your team wins because of those unethical moves. The other side is of course upset because your team has in effect scammed the other side. In your eyes it is okay, so let the matter drop. On the other side it is not okay and wishes to push the case. Thus the scam has both negative and positive effects for the team members.

SCAM… no one likes to be scammed and no one likes that term. But it is a fact we all have to face. Anyone who has passed around a false/lies memes or stories did participate. We already know about the teens overseas who made untold thousands of supporters with their over welcoming anti-Hilliary themed memes and stories. They also has anti-Trump ones but the percentage far outweighed the other side and those where the money was to be made, that is where they allegiance laid.

There is also the guy here in the US that has made untold thousands on these kind of scams, he prefers to call entertainment, stories made up that no one would believe. On his Facebook page he was even surprised that the people who believed what he wrote and the effect it had. He literally blasted those people who believe in his fakery for not checking facts when it came to something serious like an election.

That is only the tip of the iceberg. We have the “opinion” news sites like Britebart that twists quotes around to incite anger and cherry picks facts, i.e. scammed their readers into believing false stories. Throw into that Drudge, Inforwars, and so on and on that shouted from the rooftops implementing conspiracy theories and denouncing events like Sandy Hook never happened.

These fake news sites were clever to denounce all real news sites, in order to give them credibility. That is step one in any debate, demoralized and discredit your opponent. And that tactic work, a majority of people see the media as corrupt but see these fake news sites that produces nonfactual stories as legit… something went very wrong in society to allow this to happen. Remember in the beginning I mentioned pseudoscience: same tactics, same methodology used.

We need to ask, why did this kind of scam work so well. That is what need to be studied. Was it a revenge motive behind the anger to have an all one party government? Was it a racial issue to defeat any minority? Was it a desperate last attempt to keep a white male in power? Or was there something else, besides money, that was the reasoning for the vitriol wordage? And if money is the only root, what does that say?

These and many other theories have been floated about. In the end the research will show, in my opinion, it lies with fear, the next 4-word topic I plan to cover. The fear of the unknown, the fear of losing identity and the fear of the future. Fear freezes the soul and propels the irrational…

The lesson I hope some learned, FACT CHECK.. Check the sources, do not rely on fake sites. Then determine what you want to believe, but at least know the other side in your decision making…

Other topics to be discussed will be, though not in the order presented: fear, facts, polarization, echo chambers, logic, critical thinking

Soapbox now resting but will not close…..

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Hate…. ugly word

Soapbox of steel determination is up and running


Today I want to address the word HATE… yesterday it was FAKE…. These small four letter words carry so much power and weight, it is shocking. Hate is also the cause of the polarization and echo chambers that will be the subjects of future speeches here on the steel soapbox.

For those that write, stand back and look with open eyes, see what there is and absorb. Anthropologists and social behaviorists do that automatically, that is how one is taught in college to observe from the emic or the etic stance, inside or outside a group. Look at the reasoning, ask hard questions, dare to venture out of your safe echo chambers. Dare yourself to step into the shoes of another, how comfortable are you with the rhetoric you now hear. If you are fine, then so be it. If you are appalled, think why and how you can heal this hate dialogue in your writings or everyday interactions.

Let me now address the issue of this word hate. It is a power word, one that should be used only in dire circumstances and not as off the cuff remark. This is not a word people can own and think it will devalue the power by the continual use. Hate and its counterpart anger are part of the human existence and while these two words are generally seen in the “anti” context, this pair has been known to push society forward.

In this last election, the pollsters got the numbers way off, they are now looking into how and why their models and mathematical figures did not calculate correctly. I believe personally they could not calculate the one item that flipped the whole table and propelled our country into what happened. What was this small element… HATE.

Now before anyone goes off hinged and gets snippy and defensive, let me lay put the case for why this is probable and why HATE could be the root cause. Hate is one of those words that is thrown about a lot, with the common now phrase “haters are going hate” as a magical defense thrown out to defeat hate. We have also seen where the element of love was used, also as some form of magical deterrent.

So the question I am looking at is can hate be deflected and how was it so explosive to turn an election in today’s world.

We know that hate has been used before in elections, as well as rumors, innuendos, lies, and the old fashioned mud-slinging. But this election the element of hate took on a new façade one that is hiding behind faceless screens. We also saw an incredible rise in the spreading of misinformation, lies, and falsities that used hate as their key message to saturate social media. Hundreds of fake sites rose up in the early part of 2016, all directed for one purpose, to take down the president political party in charge.

A majority of these sites did it for one reason, greenbacks, i.e. money. The overseas “teens” that were flooding the market with fake news aimed against Clinton and the Democratic Party, did so not because they wanted the other side to win, but because they knew the Trump supporters would click and share. Each click meant money in their pockets. If they knew Hillary supporters would click, the flood would had been anti-Trump.

So can we now see a model of hate being used in over flooding of fake news pushing forth that polarization and echo chamber effects used on and by people? This is fascinating to speculate on. Could hate used as a vessel, yet is not the main ingredient in the venomous acts that follow hate. That is making sense in an otherwise senseless bubble surrounding recent events.

At this point one now must ask why Trump supporters would be more prone to click on anti-Clinton sites beyond the natural “that is against my candidate” inclination. Ignoring all the first gut reactions like uneducated etc., those are emotional backlashes one exacts to see spill out and are in effect useless in knowing the whys and wherefores. Instead we need to look back to that word hate and define clearly how that word was a major component in this politcal race and in effect where hate is what won out.

Stick with me in this dissection of the word and reasoning. Hate is a powerful word, it is through hate and anger that violence erupts in one form or another mostly pushed on for a variety of reasons. The urge to delve into the power of hate can be the result of oppression, fear, an implied relief if you act on that hate.

But also an overlooked ingredient is revenge, for any slight no matter how insignificant. In the case of the election we have seen over the last eight years obstruction and denial in the current president elected in 2008 and 2012. This under seething anger and voices of a false has been allowed to blossom, growing, until the one goal was to take down the present political influence no matter the cost, to enable revenge. And that is the key right there, to act upon revenge is the ultimate expression of hate.

Think about this for a second, hate is power. That power projects forward with speed and purpose. When you are angry or full of hate you zero in, your focus is sharp and crisp, you goal is clear. Hate drives the need to complete that goal. Hate is used against people and by people in order to achieve a goal. And now with thrown in revenge and you got the twist of the knife to secure that result.

In a way this sounds horrible, but from a political or military standpoint it is brilliant maneuver. At this point we are where, anyone who writes will see how this could happen in a plot. But in the real would how reliable is this, would it even work. It does and this is why this election results were shocking to many, no one really saw how dominant this one word would become. In every share that was passed from a fake news site making sensationalized headlines, from flat out lies that were spoken to be brushed off, to every single comment that denounced with venom, all were part of this massive unit.

Now this is not saying all people were in on the game, many were unaware that what they were passing along was false and probably would be ashamed if they knew. However it must also be noted that people tend to get upset when shown they are fooled and that sheers up that hate induced curtain, making people not want to believe and then comes the denunciations against the media etc. for saying what was obvious and factual.

Discounting those who were fooled and became angry as a logical result, we also had a majority who knew and still played the game. Why, because they were so opposed to the other side their goal was clear. This opposition was grown in the soil of hate. Thus the revenge is manifested and then the gloating, mocking, and belittling aftermath that proceeded. This is classic book plot formation.

I am aware, that many will refuse to see they are perpetrators of hate but it does exist and we need to understand the power it exudes and not use the hate lightly or brush it off as stupid. After all, who wants to acknowledge they are a part of hate, even white supremacy seeks to underplay their hate and now wraps it in believable wordage that excuses their hate. That is human nature, perfectly logical to expect and understand the reasoning behind the outcome.

At this point, if not before, any readers are thinking love always wins over hate right? Sadly no. Let us look at the reasoning why this could be. Think back when you are happy, content, in love with the world… where is your focus? Do you have one item that is crisp clear, a direction you must defeat? Not really your mind and attention are drawn to many areas, this may be due to a natural chemical reaction in your brain. When you see the world as good and hopeful, you are less likely to go throwing yourself into a tirade of defending it, since one would normally think everything is great, a few minor adjustments, but overall life is good and will get better.

But how can this happen, we are told love will always overthrow hate, but does it truly work that way. Contemplate this, when love becomes focused, it turns to obsession with results that more negative than positive. This we have seen in stalkers, religious zealots, even the fight for control in who owns the poet in a divorce. No matter how major or minor, love so someone, an ideology, or even a possession can become warped and twisted. In order for love to triumph, love must allow for hate, anger, in other words that which we can refer to as darkness to be a part of a nefarious potion.

There is no drive to change or push to remain the status quo. This will only happened when hate and anger rise into the question. Since the election we have seen anger rise, people feeling they are facing a world of danger and uncertainly. Thus the protests and demonstration. This is logical and should be seen as a part of the process that must be played out. Now I am not advocating violent acts, no one on either side should partake, but it will happen on both sides of an issues. If you share and mock one side for violence you must do the same denunciation for your side that are doing the same acts. However we are not seeing that, the winning side is sharing again false stories and mocking people calling them names etc. for being upset. While not people are following this path, the flooding of posts show limited understanding, little acknowledgement it is okay be upset, or really any empathy. Hate even in a win is a still powerful tool.

In order to go forth we must understand what has happened, and that evaluation of our society will be ongoing subject for a long time. How and why… and what part each of us played in that outcome.

Soapbox remains up as introspective essays will magically cross my screen

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In response o this article: “Trump and Brexit: why it’s again NOT the economy, stupid” http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/politicsandpolicy/trump-and-brexit-why-its-again-not-the-economy-stupid/

So what does today mean… this election has sanctified the KKK, neo nazi’s, and the alternative right that it is okay to be openly a racists, to demean and degrade those who do not qualify to be “white” and to suppress and lower the citizenship status of those one considers to be inferior. Those are the cold harsh fact, deny as you want but that is reality and one we must face that fact if we are to overcome hate.

This election has shown the ugly side of America: those whose hatred was fueled by lies created by teens overseas to make money to a foreign power manipulating the electoral system to gain political control. Fear mongering dominated: the fear that white America would be overrun and overthrown by those who do not match that idea outward appearance.
Before I go into a massive soapbox rant, the only time I will comment on this sordid affair, there is one silver lining. We now see how much hatred exists in that underbelly US, how far people will fall and what they would sell to enforce that hate.
For those who study this sort of issues, there is now a clear need the other 50 percent of the nation to address the deep divide and to find a way out of what the next four years may ensue. We need critical thinking to be instilled in all schools, programs that tout real history and values not shameful pseudo and lies, we need to elevate education not demean it, and we need to actually practice the values of righteousness in tolerance, respect of ALL mankind regardless of color, religions, etc. and we need to instill the value of love.
We have so far to go in 2016 to bring equality to all and stop this senseless hate/fear mongering, it is a shock but maybe one our nation needed to see so we do not fall further into this hate abyss… mark my words this time next year we shall hears screams from those who followed blindly surprised at has happened and looking for a way out …

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Dragging out worn soapbox for the rant of the week….


Way tired of hearing misinformation about the second amendment that is being exploited in today’s rhetoric…. Just the facts no discussion

Repealing or doing away with the second amendment .. NO ONE .. is this clear in BIG print.. NO ONE can just simply take away an amendment … NO president… NO one political party … NO ONE…

so let us stop this silly wordage going on as it is just noise to cause hurt and to hate one party against the other… NO ONE person can just take away the second amendment

The fact is to amend the constitution of the United States is not easy. It has only happened 27 times since 1787 and that includes adding the first 10 amendments (also known as the Bill of Rights) in 1781 down to the last one added in 1992.

To repeal and amendment you MUST enact Article 5 of the Constitution… read it

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

So what do you need to repeal… first the amendment must be proposed by 2/3 of BOTH the House and Senate… BOTH … that is the first step … (alternative is 2/3 of state legislatures must call on Congress to hold a constitutional convention)

THEN the proposal must be ratified… not easy …. You must get 3/4 of the state legislatures must approve of the amendment proposed by Congress (or 3/4 of the states must approve the amendment via ratifying conventions)

AND the time frame is SEVEN years ….. or it is dead in the water and you start over…

Only ONE constitutional amendment has been repealed in U.S. history. ONLY ONE … the 21st Amendment in order to repeal Prohibition.

Now think of what it would take to repeal that amendment.. you would need way over 3/4 of the everyday people wanting it so to push Congress .. not happening… not in the climate that surrounds us

Those are the facts … read and learn then know when you are being taken for a ride….

Worry instead about real issues not contrived ones…. replacing soapboxback under table

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Looking on People as Inferior

Today’s rant curiosity of http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/07/15/485900076/how-a-danish-town-helped-young-muslims-turn-away-from-isis

The complex issue of why people would join any violent hatred driven group, be it a gang/terrorist/cult, is not easy nor can be solved in a simple manner. What is common in all these groups is the sense of belonging, needing a family/social peers to identify with, even if the group is abhorrently dysfunction. One of the factors that shows up in all the groups is this sense, I do not belong and then the anger that begins to seep and stew.

If you treat people as though they are inferior, look at them with disgust and hate, do you truly expect them to look back with love?

A majority of the time those who have been physically and emotionally abused by society will scoff it off learning to deal in this unwritten second class status, but some will let that anger dictate what direction they will take in life.

These are the ones that many times join the various gangs, cults, terrorists groups to find their perfect echo chamber that feeds off the hate they are mirroring back.

These groups are not just passively waiting for recruits, they are actively seeking young people especially who are full of passion and want to belong, they are driven to find and fit into their peer groups. And so when their immediate peer groups reject them, then they search elsewhere. Some will separate from society, letting that anger create a fantasy land that cuts them off from reality and some will find comradery in groups reflecting that pain and anger.

While the main center of these groups must be dealt with harshly in order to eliminate the rhetorical callings, what about those fractured individuals who are prone or get caught up in the fray. Diminishing the hate speech is one place to start, stop calling people vulgar names, insulting their religion, race, ethnicity, etc. And above all stop the fear mongering, threatening to criminalize a race, ethnicity, or religion, stop mocking the way a person looks or dress, stop saying they need to be put down or sent away…. it is not good for society as a whole.

Think about this yourself, would you want to be called names etc., if not then why do it to another. Do you like being the outsider who is mocked and bullied at school, at work, quietly walking down the street going home. Do you want to be told you are better off dead, you and your whole race, religions, etc.. If you are okay with that you truly need psychological help…. no one wants to be bullied even the bully dislikes it…

The article below is just one method to contracting hate and turning the tide by taking away from these groups a main source material: young lives. By investing in love, nourishing these kids in society, and seeing that they feel they are a part of society is one way and a positive one that has been demonstrated in many a study, to counter the violence etc.

When one feels an integral part of society crime goes down, violence goes down, hatred goes down… why? Simply, because if the land and society is part of you, as history shows people defend with words and in acts what is theirs..

off my worn soapbox that be used so much lately …..

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New Soap Box

Dragging out my new stronger soapbox, one made of resilient determination, one made of forged harden heart, one made of the stone tears of a shocked and silenced history .

This soapbox is now in place, the other one has burned, the ashes scattered to the four winds, no longer is this the time of meek and mild.

Today I would like to address the conference to be held this Nov 17th in MN with the HAU, the American Ethnological Society, and L’Homm. This conference will cover a keyword in anthropology as the main target… the word this year is FAKE and that word is the essence of this speech.



This small four letter word is incredibly important especially in the last few years with this year, 2016, being the all time high for the word FAKE to take hold as commonplace. This word was honored and revered, passed around in such abundance it is appalling and shocking. We are now standing in a world where now alarmingly half of the American people believing in pseudo theories/lies and the degrading/demeaning of science/academic institutions.

How could this happen? How did we as the human race let this happen? These questions will be plied over for the next few years as we struggle to figure out how we lowered our standards to this horrendous level.

However as those and more questions will be addressed in the months and years to come, what we need now is an active front. We need to take what has happened internalized that agitation and sheer up the fronts that are struggling to make sure facts outweigh fakery and out right lies. It is time to take back the facts and put a boulder in the flood of faked news sites, psuedo books, faked TV shows, and the degradation of any institution of higher learning.

This is also the time for learned laymen and people who just enjoy the real side of anthropology/archaeology/history to take a stand to promote truthful reporting, stories, memes, and to engage in and discuss this issues, it is not just an academic issue this is an all inclusive issue, affects everyone in one form or another.

We no longer can sit back as quiet cats observing the room and reporting in dry language and whispered tones.. we know what has happened to those cat, they are grabbed by the psuedo enhanced frenzy. We must evolve into the lions that roar and put our voices strongly forth. Our words need to be sharp and scalding to pseudo/fakery/lies. We need to stand tall, and not fear nor be intimidated by pseudo/fakery/lies.

From the conference this 17th in the intro to the conference the term FAKE is explained as …..

“…..The term “fake” covers a wide and timely terrain—forgery, faking it, copies, counterfeiting, make believe, frauds, parody, humbuggery, fake theory, plagiarism, fake documents, and so on. Even within academia we often deal with fakes, hoaxes, and frauds (or the fear of being a fraud), and with issues of plagiarism that highlight a delicate boundary between theft of knowledge or its imitation to generate novel views. Thus imposter religious figures, fake goods, fake identities, corrupted foods, counterfeit medications, copyrights and “copy left,” can all be employed towards the service or revelation of truth. Where trust and truth have been deemed the glue of human relationships and the motor of cooperative interactions, this roundtable will question how deception and mistrust seem to produce effective, albeit opaque forms of sociality. This is a timely topic considering that the current political climate across the globe is filled with figures surrounded with auras of fakery and impostership—charlatans and professionals alike……”

This is the time… strong voices to support the truth, time to support facts, tine to start a new era, time to denounce psuedo methods and tactics, time to bring forth light in the darkness that been cast by the psuedo-sun perpetrated on all….

The soapbox remains in place… in defiance, in solidarity to the facts, as a reminder what we need as a populace to do….



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