What is the alt-right?

The Steel Soapbox

Why is it important to know what the alt-right is? Simple because these groups have been supporting the recent election for Trump, they have been diligent in passing around deceptive memes, stories and twitter, and they are now present in at least three positions for the white house… This is why we need as a Nation to understand who and what they are.

Can we afford to mainstream the alt-right and okay the rise of white supremacy in our country?

Let us look at what is the alt right… apparently many people have no idea what they are passing along in degrading memes they think are patriotic are produced by or emblazoned with logos of alt-right groups.

Today I saw a meme that demanded “those”, a black man was pictured, who loot should lose welfare. What did this picture say? First the impression is given that only minorities are on welfare and loot. Second is the logo of an alt-right group is ghosted in the background. If you are an alt-right supporter then you pass this around knowing the full meaning of that meme.

If you happen not to agree with alt-right or white supremacy but yet agree that those who loot, no matter their color, should lose benefits you probably will pass along the meme. So what have you done? You have unknowingly supported white supremacy. And thousand do that every day giving the alt-right normalization and saying it is okay to be openly racists…

The alt-right wraps itself in the flag to say they are patriotic Americans, however you must be “white” Americans, nothing else. Is that America you want? If so you are doing a great job in passing along your ideology.

But what about those that have no idea what the alt-right is… that is the purpose of this little soapbox speech today. Alt-right is a loose network of white nationalists and anti-Semites .. that is it in a nutshell.

The term alt-right was coined in 2008 and refers to those groups that revolve around the idea of “white identity” and the preservation of what they see as Western civilization. So who coined this word… no it was not the media. It was in fact Richard Bertrand Spencer a white supremacist who is the head of the National Policy Institute (NPI).

The term alternative right sounds a lot better than white supremacy which has a negative connotation. After all they are just another right-wing group, nothing wrong in that term upon first glance. And that was the purpose in choosing the term to eclipse all the groups.

Spencer is the ideal spokesman for the alt-right, He is a nice looking clean cut college educated guy that waves the flag, speaks of a peaceful ethic cleansing, and uses wordage that draws people with rational though flawed logic intended to appeal to white college educated males. He then uses the fear that the white way of life is going away due to the races infiltrating the United States.

They speak of preserving American heritage, of protecting Western civilization: all nice words that sidestep the harsh in the face words of racist or white supremacy .

So tell me how can an ethnic cleansing be peaceful … though how can the destruction of one ethnicity be peaceful? How do you eliminate all non-white from the United States or Western Civilization, peacefully? Explain the logic there? There is none because hate has no logic it is gut enforced emotional prejudice: all fear and hate.

Spencer denies he is a racist… how? Easy change the semantics of the word

‘Racist’ is just a slur word, I think race is real, and I think race is important. And those two principles do not mean I want to harm someone or hate someone. But the notion that these people can be equal is not a scientific way of looking at it.” (Spencer to the Flathead Beacon)

Racist means and still means “a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another”. This the NPR and Spencer have shown on numerous occasions that they believe the white race is superior as shown above in their denial of the word. Seems backpedaling just gets them in deeper. So no matter how much he and other alt-right try to wash the term they are racists in their words and views.

The alt-right uses pseudo reports to show why the white DNA is superior, reports that have been denounced as fables. To counter science the alt-right’s solution is to turn and denounce the academics with louder voices to drown out fact with fiction.

This tactic we saw used in the election and with Trump surrogates, turn the tide by denouncing facts with loud repetitive voices. However facts cannot be quenched, and those DNA studies that show inferiority are false.

We also see this same tactic used in pseudoscience, climate change, nah that is a fable. Vaccines to help, nah that is a fable. In pseudo-archaeology this trend continues. The Egyptians or Mays built the pyramids, nah it was a superior unknown race. Dinosaurs were millions of years old, nope fable only 8,000 years old. See the path… only a superior race could account for any civilization and all science and academia is false…. really and people believe that, shameful

By the way, you did take note the date this term was coined right? 2008. What happened in that year? America had its first president that was not white… this was devastating for those who cannot accept anyone other than a white male in positions of power. And the alt-right was intensified as it came into full bodied existence with trumpets blaring.

If you are reading or supporter by sharing alt-right memes, stories etc.. no matter how much you try and clean the words or acts… at least be aware of what you are sharing and why … here is a small list of what to avoid if you are not aware of this and do not want to promote such ideologies

Richard Spencer
Stephen Bannon
Breitbart News
Milo Yiannopoulos
American Renaissance
Jared Taylor
Daily Stormer, The
Political Cesspool, The
Right Stuff, The
Greg Johnson
Mike Cernovich
Traditionalist Youth Network
Radix (owned/run by Richard Spencer)
Washington Summit Publishers (owned/run by Richard Spencer)
Counter Currents Publishing (owned/run by Greg Johnson)
American Renaissance (owned/run by Jared Taylor)


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