the alt right moves in

Steel Soapbox: the alt right moves in

In response to the following:

It’s Pointless To Try To Reason With The Alt-Right

A reminder of what the alt-right is: white supremacy… plain and simple. And basically if you follow their meme, websites, etc. what does that class your true colors as … be wary of what you are sharing

Seriously this is one group we must not take lightly.. I see way too many people who claim they are not racist yet speaking the words of the alt-right. How can one tell you wonder?? Easy like in pseudo archaeology you will hear the same mantra being said over and over. These words come from the web sites that polarize these people into place, they hear the same spiel repeatedly until they become a part of their verbiage. This is why you see many of the exact phrases and sentences used by a variety of pseudo and alt-right (white supremacist) defenders to sheer up their faltering base beliefs when confronted. Using the words that are in a sense pounded into their core beliefs is one method of reassuring their followers will send out similar meanings.

So while it is pointless to argue with a die-hard pseudo or alt -right (white supremacist) person, it is necessary not to let the falsehoods aimed at common sense and science go unchallenged. Once we allow the normalization of pseudo or alt-right (white supremacy) things will go very wrong, thus why we need to be vigilant about what we share and not pas along fake news or news that is heavy into pseudo/alt-right realms… take responsibility

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