Repealing and the losses

Steel Soapbox rant: Repealing and the losses

Before I start a few clarifications….

First off for those who are still clueless and voted to get rid of Obamacare but are on Affordable Care Act…….. Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act…

Second: If you think repealing Obamacare will drop insurance rates.. think again. It will only mean millions of people will again have no insurance and rates will probably double in a year according to economists…

Third: The Affordable Care Act was never intended to be presented as a finished product. It was simply a start to make sure ALL Americans had coverage and could go to the doctor. It had to be tweaked, parts overhauled, changes to accommodate doctors etc., and expanded or decreased as needed. It was designed to change if parts failed…

Fourth: The time between repealing one plan and setting up a new plan will take a while… there is no time line given, just the words “take a while”. Considering the goal is to privatize everything, I doubt you will see a similiar replacement, but more like a buy at a fortune or not have insurance: that is if you will qualify for the insurance.

Fifth: there needs to be a transitional time period… dumping people off insurance at the end of this month is irresponsible… but unless congress hears from people that may well happen

This steel soapbox rant will be on what was deleted already from Obamacare…. But those deletions are sad as the outcome will be devastating for many and while I am not personally affect the knowledge what this will bring about for so many people, yea that hurts my heart. What will happen assuredly is people that cannot afford life giving treatment will DIE…. I have to wonder if someone will start a death count as soon as Obamacare is repealed to reflect the total number of deaths that loss will create.

Tell me how many children will die of cancer this year who will lose their treatments… but what is another death right? What of the father who needs a transplant and now insurance companies will say he is a risk, no coverage, but heck one less right? What of the medications that keep people going… oh well it clears the roads right? What of the elderly that can now be rejected from nursing homes due … as Scrooge would say let them die “and decrease the surplus”, you agree right?

What am I hearing, you find those words horrible… but that is what is and will happen… so at least know there are consequences for actions… this a consequence of this election…

Now many will question why I use the term “hate ideology” as the cause of this last election.. fact is “hate ideology” drove the election. Think about all the anger you saw, all the fake memes and fake news stories that were off the charts, all the denial of basic procedures and protocols, what else would account for the blindness from so many.. “hate ideology”, a powerful weapon when wielded.

What else, other than this “hate ideology” would account for the late night actions of the Senate if not out of spite for the administration that is ready to leave? If it was the people they were concerned with sick and dying Americans, do you truly think they would do these actions and not had a substitute in place after HOW many years we have heard how horrible Obama care is…. Did not the incoming president premise a GREAT new replacement as part of getting elected… so where is it????? Now is the time to show those hidden cards and save America… again actions not words speak

“hate ideology” is powerful and we have seen now it will take us down… sad events indeed

So here is what was voted down in the middle of the night in regards to health insurance…. The list targeted women, children, vets and the poor… but the new administration is speaking for the average American… right???? Actions speak way louder than words….. and way too many people had “hate ideology” in their ears this election to hear……

Women having any insurance for birth control that was eliminated right off the bat … that alone is mind boggling why the preponderance of MEN in Congress would deny basic birth control to women… think on that long and hard, it is shameful to control women in such a fashion. Hmmm curious was Viagra denied for men? One way street so far…..

People with pre-existing conditions are no longer protected… yup when they repeal Obamacare this month and you are on it or your company is, well guess what if you are out insurance and looking for new insurance companies, those companies can now, once again, deny you any insurance… how will that sit with someone sick?

Veterans’ health care… yup all those patriotic remarks about how to care for the veterans. The VA itself may be eliminated and all care go to private companies that the vets would then pay for with a voucher and since no limits also with their own cash to make up the difference … and how does this support the vets?

Do not forget anything privatized means BIG money is being made at the top and for stockholders … or else why privatize…..

Children on Medicaid or CHIP… they are included… so if you have a child who needs regular care on under this, you are paying it yourself or simply do without… is that what everyone wanted right, no medical for children.

Medicaid expansion will be removed… lots and lots of working poor people are under this in many states… some states will try and pass exemptions to cover for now… but for how long?

Finally young adults will now be removed from their parents plan and with those in college or working at no insurance jobs… tough it and hope you do not get sick or injured…

So you have a short time to get your medical checks etc. in to go a while longer … and if Obamacare is repealed and nothing in place that is affordable and you have no money, well you may want to consider getting a will or a plot to bury your child…. those are the cold facts this election has given America…

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