New Soap Box

Dragging out my new stronger soapbox, one made of resilient determination, one made of forged harden heart, one made of the stone tears of a shocked and silenced history .

This soapbox is now in place, the other one has burned, the ashes scattered to the four winds, no longer is this the time of meek and mild.

Today I would like to address the conference to be held this Nov 17th in MN with the HAU, the American Ethnological Society, and L’Homm. This conference will cover a keyword in anthropology as the main target… the word this year is FAKE and that word is the essence of this speech.



This small four letter word is incredibly important especially in the last few years with this year, 2016, being the all time high for the word FAKE to take hold as commonplace. This word was honored and revered, passed around in such abundance it is appalling and shocking. We are now standing in a world where now alarmingly half of the American people believing in pseudo theories/lies and the degrading/demeaning of science/academic institutions.

How could this happen? How did we as the human race let this happen? These questions will be plied over for the next few years as we struggle to figure out how we lowered our standards to this horrendous level.

However as those and more questions will be addressed in the months and years to come, what we need now is an active front. We need to take what has happened internalized that agitation and sheer up the fronts that are struggling to make sure facts outweigh fakery and out right lies. It is time to take back the facts and put a boulder in the flood of faked news sites, psuedo books, faked TV shows, and the degradation of any institution of higher learning.

This is also the time for learned laymen and people who just enjoy the real side of anthropology/archaeology/history to take a stand to promote truthful reporting, stories, memes, and to engage in and discuss this issues, it is not just an academic issue this is an all inclusive issue, affects everyone in one form or another.

We no longer can sit back as quiet cats observing the room and reporting in dry language and whispered tones.. we know what has happened to those cat, they are grabbed by the psuedo enhanced frenzy. We must evolve into the lions that roar and put our voices strongly forth. Our words need to be sharp and scalding to pseudo/fakery/lies. We need to stand tall, and not fear nor be intimidated by pseudo/fakery/lies.

From the conference this 17th in the intro to the conference the term FAKE is explained as …..

“…..The term “fake” covers a wide and timely terrain—forgery, faking it, copies, counterfeiting, make believe, frauds, parody, humbuggery, fake theory, plagiarism, fake documents, and so on. Even within academia we often deal with fakes, hoaxes, and frauds (or the fear of being a fraud), and with issues of plagiarism that highlight a delicate boundary between theft of knowledge or its imitation to generate novel views. Thus imposter religious figures, fake goods, fake identities, corrupted foods, counterfeit medications, copyrights and “copy left,” can all be employed towards the service or revelation of truth. Where trust and truth have been deemed the glue of human relationships and the motor of cooperative interactions, this roundtable will question how deception and mistrust seem to produce effective, albeit opaque forms of sociality. This is a timely topic considering that the current political climate across the globe is filled with figures surrounded with auras of fakery and impostership—charlatans and professionals alike……”

This is the time… strong voices to support the truth, time to support facts, tine to start a new era, time to denounce psuedo methods and tactics, time to bring forth light in the darkness that been cast by the psuedo-sun perpetrated on all….

The soapbox remains in place… in defiance, in solidarity to the facts, as a reminder what we need as a populace to do….



About jasterling

One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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