Misleading Headline

The Steel Soapbox Examination Time Part ‘Deux’

Last time I was here, I posted about a faked news site and how they were reporting misinformation. Now back with the same news site and a great example of misleading headline.

As you can see the headlines screams “FAKE HATE: Leftist Students Painted Swastika and “Trump” on Campus Church”. Prime example to show clearly that these fake news sites use sensationalized headlines to hook people in, does not matter it is faked headlines. The facts do not matter, it is getting you to click and share… that makes them money and you become a tool to use.


Let us examine this in more detail: this headline is part truth and part fantasy. It is true that “Students Painted Swastika and “Trump” on Campus Church” as we can see when one examines the original report from March 2016. Even in other sources that picked up this news speak of the damage and the evidence they did the actions. So that is not disputed.

What is in question is the damning part of the headline.. “FAKE HATE: Leftist.” Ah ha now we are gettign to the crux of the matter. The headline is to counter and discredit any harm that has come as a result of the election to those that are not in support of the future presidential leadership. Those three words, added to make sure this gets around the alt-right spherical domain to show the left is in cahoots against them. One only has to look at comments that follow this share on Facebook to see this in action.

The main issue is there is NO mention of the word Leftist or Jewish as one of the indicted students was called in any media, court record, etc. That is the biggie and where the LIE comes in to trick the reader.

This is really a good example to use on how one should properly write a story or research one. The method is called critical thinking, not taking what you see and sharing it but examining it and asking the hard questions. Main thing to do is proper research…..

Proper research means you look at other sources… done that

Proper research means you look at the reputation of the source … done that

Proper research means does your background information collected support or disqualify that headline… done that

Proper research means you question “what is the purpose of the headline?” “what is the intent?”…. done that

Now you can make an analysis based on logic…. The incident did occur. The boys were drunk and did write racist comments and motifs on the walls of a nondenominational chapel at the university. The boys have had a variety of charges issued against them including hate crime. That is the basic information. Nowhere is there a word regarding they are “leftist” liberal” or even Jewish. No one peep away from the alt right sites, conservative blogs, or fake news site …..

Now that we can conclude the whole headline was misleading, what else did we turn up… The father, Scott L. Kafker, is a judge appointed by Republican governor Charlie Baker. Does that mean we automatically assume the kids were pro-Republican???? NOPE… just like we cannot assume the kids were liberal because Northwestern University can be seen as a liberal institution. That is making assumptions and not thinking critically…

But one of them was Jewish right? NOPE… another fallacy made up because of a link to a Jewish news site that reported on the criminal activity, like a hundred other sites did. Again there was no mention of what religion or party they were afflicted with.

So what do we have: two drunk idiots who embarrassed their parents by spouting off racially charged words and symbols. Not sure why all the male genital was included but that was probably loads of alcohol speaking as well.

So the question is where they doing that to support Trump? Were they insulting Trump as well as minorities? Were they trying to cause trouble? We have no idea as they have not said. We can go with odds, not exact science but there is a good chance they got all worked up due to state of angst in society at that time. Then add in the drunken state and well that happens.

What did we learn… do not assume, look deeper. There is good and bad in all societies, cities, religion, cultures, etc… just the bad tend to be shown louder…

Oh and people really think about what you are sharing and stop giving outright lies a voice…

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