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Many of you know what this site infowars is, you share the stuff all the time as I have seen them zip through my news-feed. And for those who have no idea, you need to learn … seriously be informed and know what you are passing along.

Alex Jones the creator of inforwars is what can be described as a conspiracy induced raves and is a favorite with the alt-right, ie white supremacists even though he is not openly racists in remarks. However it must be noted there are many underlying tones which resonated with a large percentage of borderline white supremacists who have stated listening to infowars led them to the alt-right.

People do not follow unless you say something or they find a companionship quality in what you represent. Thus why everyone needs to know before you pass along… does this group represent you and if so what does that say to others?

This man, Jones, is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, has said the Oklahoma attack was inside job by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and he is the main force behind the claim that Sandy Hook was faked by child actors and those kids are not dead. Pretty harsh in light of the evidence and in regards to the broken hearts of the families, but that kind of rhetoric gets him money, fame and ratings… and sadly people watch and consume his words as if they were truth.

So why should we as a nation be worried, because the president elect and many members he is considering for cabinet positions are followers of the alt-right and of infowars… that is why. Jones claims to have the ear of Trump who even went on the show to say how “amazing” Jones was and his supporters… amazing!!!! Telling people the kids ripped apart by bullets was just a hoax fashioned by Obama to take away your guns… that is amazing?

Jones propagates paranoia and conspiracy cocktails that are dangerous, remember the recent “pizzagate”, yup that gunman was a follower and Jones pumped up that conspiracy against Clinton and Podesta..…. and if people were killed because of this lie? Where is the morals and ethics?

And what about those millions of illegal votes that Trump has pounced on, well that idea came directly off of infowars with no proof just another conspiracy theory to make money off of. The shocking part is that the president elect used that without checking or caring if it was real… that is scary. This casual tossing aside facts for lies that in itself is unsettling.

That is at the heart of what is the problem with our society today, this lack of critical thinking and the acceptance of whatever you see or read with no proof, or denying proof for lies and made up conjectures…

We all must take some responsibility for what we say, but when we just say crap to make money or cause trouble where is the accountability? When will people who follow have the nerve to say, this is not right? Question news, events, yes question them… but to hold onto bold face lies, conspiracy tactics that cause fear mongering, and using people’s fears and emotions to hold them hostages … no that is not questioning that is hurting society …..


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