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Today I want to address the word HATE… yesterday it was FAKE…. These small four letter words carry so much power and weight, it is shocking. Hate is also the cause of the polarization and echo chambers that will be the subjects of future speeches here on the steel soapbox.

For those that write, stand back and look with open eyes, see what there is and absorb. Anthropologists and social behaviorists do that automatically, that is how one is taught in college to observe from the emic or the etic stance, inside or outside a group. Look at the reasoning, ask hard questions, dare to venture out of your safe echo chambers. Dare yourself to step into the shoes of another, how comfortable are you with the rhetoric you now hear. If you are fine, then so be it. If you are appalled, think why and how you can heal this hate dialogue in your writings or everyday interactions.

Let me now address the issue of this word hate. It is a power word, one that should be used only in dire circumstances and not as off the cuff remark. This is not a word people can own and think it will devalue the power by the continual use. Hate and its counterpart anger are part of the human existence and while these two words are generally seen in the “anti” context, this pair has been known to push society forward.

In this last election, the pollsters got the numbers way off, they are now looking into how and why their models and mathematical figures did not calculate correctly. I believe personally they could not calculate the one item that flipped the whole table and propelled our country into what happened. What was this small element… HATE.

Now before anyone goes off hinged and gets snippy and defensive, let me lay put the case for why this is probable and why HATE could be the root cause. Hate is one of those words that is thrown about a lot, with the common now phrase “haters are going hate” as a magical defense thrown out to defeat hate. We have also seen where the element of love was used, also as some form of magical deterrent.

So the question I am looking at is can hate be deflected and how was it so explosive to turn an election in today’s world.

We know that hate has been used before in elections, as well as rumors, innuendos, lies, and the old fashioned mud-slinging. But this election the element of hate took on a new façade one that is hiding behind faceless screens. We also saw an incredible rise in the spreading of misinformation, lies, and falsities that used hate as their key message to saturate social media. Hundreds of fake sites rose up in the early part of 2016, all directed for one purpose, to take down the president political party in charge.

A majority of these sites did it for one reason, greenbacks, i.e. money. The overseas “teens” that were flooding the market with fake news aimed against Clinton and the Democratic Party, did so not because they wanted the other side to win, but because they knew the Trump supporters would click and share. Each click meant money in their pockets. If they knew Hillary supporters would click, the flood would had been anti-Trump.

So can we now see a model of hate being used in over flooding of fake news pushing forth that polarization and echo chamber effects used on and by people? This is fascinating to speculate on. Could hate used as a vessel, yet is not the main ingredient in the venomous acts that follow hate. That is making sense in an otherwise senseless bubble surrounding recent events.

At this point one now must ask why Trump supporters would be more prone to click on anti-Clinton sites beyond the natural “that is against my candidate” inclination. Ignoring all the first gut reactions like uneducated etc., those are emotional backlashes one exacts to see spill out and are in effect useless in knowing the whys and wherefores. Instead we need to look back to that word hate and define clearly how that word was a major component in this politcal race and in effect where hate is what won out.

Stick with me in this dissection of the word and reasoning. Hate is a powerful word, it is through hate and anger that violence erupts in one form or another mostly pushed on for a variety of reasons. The urge to delve into the power of hate can be the result of oppression, fear, an implied relief if you act on that hate.

But also an overlooked ingredient is revenge, for any slight no matter how insignificant. In the case of the election we have seen over the last eight years obstruction and denial in the current president elected in 2008 and 2012. This under seething anger and voices of a false has been allowed to blossom, growing, until the one goal was to take down the present political influence no matter the cost, to enable revenge. And that is the key right there, to act upon revenge is the ultimate expression of hate.

Think about this for a second, hate is power. That power projects forward with speed and purpose. When you are angry or full of hate you zero in, your focus is sharp and crisp, you goal is clear. Hate drives the need to complete that goal. Hate is used against people and by people in order to achieve a goal. And now with thrown in revenge and you got the twist of the knife to secure that result.

In a way this sounds horrible, but from a political or military standpoint it is brilliant maneuver. At this point we are where, anyone who writes will see how this could happen in a plot. But in the real would how reliable is this, would it even work. It does and this is why this election results were shocking to many, no one really saw how dominant this one word would become. In every share that was passed from a fake news site making sensationalized headlines, from flat out lies that were spoken to be brushed off, to every single comment that denounced with venom, all were part of this massive unit.

Now this is not saying all people were in on the game, many were unaware that what they were passing along was false and probably would be ashamed if they knew. However it must also be noted that people tend to get upset when shown they are fooled and that sheers up that hate induced curtain, making people not want to believe and then comes the denunciations against the media etc. for saying what was obvious and factual.

Discounting those who were fooled and became angry as a logical result, we also had a majority who knew and still played the game. Why, because they were so opposed to the other side their goal was clear. This opposition was grown in the soil of hate. Thus the revenge is manifested and then the gloating, mocking, and belittling aftermath that proceeded. This is classic book plot formation.

I am aware, that many will refuse to see they are perpetrators of hate but it does exist and we need to understand the power it exudes and not use the hate lightly or brush it off as stupid. After all, who wants to acknowledge they are a part of hate, even white supremacy seeks to underplay their hate and now wraps it in believable wordage that excuses their hate. That is human nature, perfectly logical to expect and understand the reasoning behind the outcome.

At this point, if not before, any readers are thinking love always wins over hate right? Sadly no. Let us look at the reasoning why this could be. Think back when you are happy, content, in love with the world… where is your focus? Do you have one item that is crisp clear, a direction you must defeat? Not really your mind and attention are drawn to many areas, this may be due to a natural chemical reaction in your brain. When you see the world as good and hopeful, you are less likely to go throwing yourself into a tirade of defending it, since one would normally think everything is great, a few minor adjustments, but overall life is good and will get better.

But how can this happen, we are told love will always overthrow hate, but does it truly work that way. Contemplate this, when love becomes focused, it turns to obsession with results that more negative than positive. This we have seen in stalkers, religious zealots, even the fight for control in who owns the poet in a divorce. No matter how major or minor, love so someone, an ideology, or even a possession can become warped and twisted. In order for love to triumph, love must allow for hate, anger, in other words that which we can refer to as darkness to be a part of a nefarious potion.

There is no drive to change or push to remain the status quo. This will only happened when hate and anger rise into the question. Since the election we have seen anger rise, people feeling they are facing a world of danger and uncertainly. Thus the protests and demonstration. This is logical and should be seen as a part of the process that must be played out. Now I am not advocating violent acts, no one on either side should partake, but it will happen on both sides of an issues. If you share and mock one side for violence you must do the same denunciation for your side that are doing the same acts. However we are not seeing that, the winning side is sharing again false stories and mocking people calling them names etc. for being upset. While not people are following this path, the flooding of posts show limited understanding, little acknowledgement it is okay be upset, or really any empathy. Hate even in a win is a still powerful tool.

In order to go forth we must understand what has happened, and that evaluation of our society will be ongoing subject for a long time. How and why… and what part each of us played in that outcome.

Soapbox remains up as introspective essays will magically cross my screen

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One part of my life is in the science of anthropology and archaeology where I did comparative work. My other life that I am now pursuing is writing along the lines of fantasy/sci fi fictional writing as my one way to stay sane in this other insane world. Please enjoy the selections you will find in my blog.
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